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About Advanced Vehicle Tints

Advanced Vehicle Tints started out life as SDAutotints and was originally established in January 2005 in Glasgow.

Although that’s not where the full story began, that's only the beginning of the company as it’s now called.  Before we get to where we are now, Stuart was a head tinter for a very well known tinting company within Glasgow and had built up a very good reputation for being one of the city’s most promising young tinters. Infact, he trained the now owner of that company :)

It was not that unheard of for people to travel some distance to get their cars done simply because they had heard good things or had actually seen the work for themselves and were willing to pay that little extra to get the level of service that they expected and wanted.

Although the company was formed many years ago, it was never pushed into the market place solely because of the vast amount of cowboy companies that had sprung up over the past 6 - 12 months within Glasgow and Edinburgh, and at that point it was decided that the company would continue doing jobs for people that were friends and through recommendations from those who had work done in the past.

Car vehicle wraps and tints in Galashiels, Scotland
Car vehicle wraps and tints in Galashiels, Scotland

So what happened between 2005 and 2013?

In that time, Stuart was taught the art of vehicle graphics and signage, in doing so improving his skills both as a tinter and as a signage fitter.  Jobs continued to be done as SDAutotints as word of mouth spread so when the time came to move on and relocate it was grabbed with both hands.  This was a very exciting time for the company and in this period of time things started to look up.  More and more people wanted work done and the more that was done, the better the reports back about the quality of work were getting. During this time Stuart worked along side Derek, the head tinter at Scot-Tint in Edinburgh, helping within the workshop and providing dealership work throughout the central belt and the Scottish borders.

In mid-June 2011 the decision was taken to concentrate on looking for work closer to home due to the impending arrival of his baby daughter in late November.

In September 2011 SDAutotints sadly parted ways with Scot-tint in Edinburgh (although remaining in contact and being very good friends with the company) and started working for Advanced Signs in Galashiels, with Stuart taking up his old position in the graphics area of Print Manager and Fitter.  In the time that Stuart has been working for Advanced Signs his vehicle wrapping experience and skills have been put into action again and now being used on a daily basis.

The Current Day

In early 2013, SDAutotints and Advanced Signs teamed up and together have managed to source a reliable material supplier and are moving forward once again, this time not just offering its customers window tints for the vehicles but also for their homes, offices and many more places, as well as custom graphic design, prints, installations and more.

That brings us to the current day, and we hope you find the inspiration from our website to get in touch and find out how we can help you with your tinting, graphics and wrapping needs!

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